Welcome to Hungry+

A dining app that connects people + food

About us

We noticed "Where do you want to eat?" was taking too long to answer so we developed an app to change that. A fast, mobile, and social solution that provides our users with the best restaurants for their dining needs.

Why Hungry+?

Because people are spending 21 minutes per day when searching for a place to eat and we all deserve better than that. We deserve better than Yelp, Google Maps, Zomato, etc. that each have their own shortcomings - from ads or irrelevant sponsored results to affiliate fees and pandora's box-level reviews. We deserve an honest restaurant discovery app that grows with its users, both consumers and businesses, to connect the two and create a full service dining experience we were meant to enjoy.

Hungry+ Pre-Alpha

Currently our web application focuses on restaurant discovery in an ad-free platform that filters results through user selected preferences.The restaurant finding process can be for a solo search or a group search that includes other users on the web-app. You can use Hungry+ across the U.S. and chat with friends in the web-app to help make a group decision. Create an account and try it out for yourself!

Current Status

Our web-app provides restaurant recommendations for users and their friends across the U.S. for FREE.

Our Vision

To be the one application that connects consumers and restaurants for restaurant discovery, online ordering, reservations, Marketing Analytics & CRM, and POS.

Are you Hungry yet?

Interested in contributing to our vision? Check out our infographic to learn more about who we are, what we've accomplished, and the opportunities that lie ahead.